Defender Warhead G-500

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Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

* Closed earcup design
* The earphones do not let the outside noise through and ensure
excellent sound protection. This allows to use them in noisy places,
or when you need to concentrate on the game.
* Built-in headphones vibration
* The headphones feature vibration effect for more realistic gaming
* LED backlight of headphones
* Volume control
* Flexible microphone provides high quality voice recognition
* Double headband
* Self-adjusting headband for convenient wear within a long period of
time. External rigid part of the headband ensures close fit of
earcups, when inner flexible part provides convenience.
* Connection type Wired
* Type of headphones Full-size on-ear
* Type of earcups Closed
* Type of mounting Headband
* Membrane diameter 50 mm
* Impedance (headphones) 32 Ohm
* Impedance (microphone) 2,2 kOhm
* Sensitivity (headphones) 115 dB
* Sensitivity (microphone) 54 dB
* Frequency response (headphones) 20–20000 Hz
* Frequency response (microphone) 20–16000 Hz
* Cable length 2,5 m
* Connectors USB, 2 x 3.5 mm jack
* ROHS / CE Yes

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